2014 Poster Sessions

Thursday, April 10, 1 – 5 pm
Poster Session I


Culture and Communication: Outcomes of Nursing Student Use of Spanish Pocket Guides (P)
Sue A. Habkirk, Joanne Louise Douthit
Increasing Diversity and Student Retention in Nursing Education (P)
Sarah J. Bear, Kelly Marley

Mentoring Diverse Graduate Students towards Academic Success and Psychosocial Health (R)
Linda D. Gregory

Minority Student Experiences: Barriers and Bridges in Nursing Education (R)
Nassrine M. Noureddine
Nursing Competencies in Global Health (P)
Herica M. Torres Alzate

Preceptorship in an International Setting: Implications for Collaboration (R)
Eileen M. Smit, Mary Jane Tremethick

Preparing Nurse Scientists in Global Health Research: Opportunities and Challenges (P)
Susan L. Beck, Sarah J. Iribarren*

Sustainability in Global Nursing Education Partnerships (P)
Judy A. Liesveld, Jenny Vacek*

Teaching Culturally Competent Care to Heatlhcare Providers in Practice (P)
Bethany Erin Rolfe Witham

The Importance of Faculty of Color for Promoting Student Diversity (R)
Kristin F. Lutz, Dena Hassouneh*

The Lived Experience of Korean Nursing Students in an International Education Program (R)
Kyoung-Eun K. Lee, Ho Soon Michell Cho*

The Myth of Inclusion and Equity in Nursing Education (R)
K. W. Ackerman-Barger

Symposium: Enhancing Links between Practice and Research in Women’s Health

PhD/DNP Partnership Brings Waterbirth Option to Birthing Women in a Hospital Setting (P)
Gwen A. Latendresse, Angela Anderson

Academic/Service Collaboration: Determining Optimal Intrapartum Care (R)
Barbara L. Wilson

Geriatric Health
Acupuncture Trials for Geriatric Concerns: A Literature Review (P)
Lisa Jean Taylor-Swanson

Effect of Music Therapy on Agitation in Residents with Alzheimer’s Dementia (P)
Mehrnaz Khavarian

Singing and Alzheimer’s Disease: A Scoping Review (P)
Shih-Yin Lin, Musetta C. Fu*

Remote Monitoring Systems Impact Psychosocial Outcomes in Patients with Heart Failure (R)
Lorraine S. Evangelista, Marjan Motie*

Communication and Message Framing Impact on Pneumonia Readmission Reduction (R)
Angela Halpin, Felicia S. Hodge
Cognitive Function in HIV+ Adults Aged 60 and Older (R)
Hannah J. Jang, Victor Valcour

Cultural Influences on Older Adults’ Adoption of Smart Home Technology (R)
Roschelle L. Fritz

You Do What You Have to Do: Grandparenting Experiences among Older African Americans (R)
Schola N. Matovu

HIV-Status Disclosure among Older Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Review of the Literature (R)
Steven C. Simpkins

The Meaning of Dementia-Related Changes: A Meta-Ethnographic Synthesis (R)
Allison Lindauer, Theresa A. Harvath
Factors Associated with Enhancing Physical Activity in Older Hispanics (R)
Daisy S. Garcia, Basia Belza

Japanese Care Workers’ Perception of Dementia-Related Aggressive Behavior (R)
Hiromi Hirata

Health in the Military

Companion Animals As Social Supports (P)
S. Basilia Basin
Feasibility and Acceptability of Group Acupuncture in Veterans with Hepatitis C: A Pilot Study (R)
Patricia A. Taylor-Young, Diane Miller*

Educating Military Leadership about Domestic Violence (P)
Angelia Clark Trujillo, Hayley Claire Torres*

Home Telehealth Decreases 30 Day Readmission Rates for Veterans with Heart Failure (P)
Laurie V. Brainerd, Shelley Hawkins*
Homefront Caregiver Perception of Free Resources Affect on Children of Deployed Parent (P)
Christina D. Mello

Preparing for the US Air Force Fitness Test: The Experience of Postpartum Women (R)
Nicole H. Armitage, Billie Marie Severtsen*

Treatment of Active Duty Service Members with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (P)
Joanne M. Graney

Trends in Research of U.S. Military Personnel: A ClinicalTrials.gov Review (R)
Wendy A. Cook, Ardith Z. Doorenbos

Health Promotion
Health Promoting Behaviors of Critical Care Nurses (P)
Cherie Rector, Kathleen Gilchrist*

Implementing Physical Exercise and Diet Modification to Decrease the Incidence of GDM (P)
Kelechi U. Irondi, Mary Jo Clark

Translating the DASH Diet into Practice (P)
Jozelle Laforteza, Mary Jo Clark

Teen Take Heart™ Website: Promoting Cardiovascular Health in Underserved Communities (P)
Cara Lee Koch, Steven Palazzo

Issues in Oncology

Oral Chemotherapy: A Paradigmatic Shift in Oncology Practice (P)
Kelsey J. Hirsch, Allison Miller*

Patient-Centered Fall Prevention on a Hematologic Malignancies Unit (P)
Laura L. Daudistel, Debra Harris

The Inland Northwest Colon Cancer Survivor’s Study (R)
Jeanne M. Robison, Mel Haberman

Men’s Health

Barriers to HPV Immunization among Males (P)
Kelli C. Gora, Kate Sheppard

HPV in MSM: Increasing HPV Vaccination Uptake (P)
Cara E. Gilbert, Debra L. Ilchak

Males with Anorexia Nervosa: Culture of Recovery (R)
Erin M. Gilingham

A Corresponding Author Can Make a Difference to Readers around the Globe (P)
Marysue V. Heilemann

Acculturation: Its Valid Measure and Analytical Method (R)
Cha-Nam Shin

Bibliometrics: A Novel Method to Analyze Theory Impact in Nursing Research (P)
Paige Alfonzo, Teresa J. Sakraida*

Comparison of Bayesian vs. Frequentist Meta-Analysis (R)
Kyuwon Park

Content Analysis of Night Nurse Nation Website and Facebook Page (R)
Kristen Marie Koprowski

Recruitment and Retention Strategies for Research with Adolescent Mothers (R)
Jane Grassley

Exploring the Development of Scholars Using Word Clouds (P)
Barbara St. Pierre Schneider, Rex Suba*

Methodological Aspects of Social Network Interventions in Nursing Research (R)
Lauren Clark, Marjorie Pett*

Once upon a Time: A Story of Pictorial Assent for Children (R)
Susan M. Wechter

Prelicensure Nursing Student Medication Errors: Survey Development (R)
Grace R. Kolodychuk

Recruitment and Retention of Older Chinese Immigrants for Research (R)
Wen-Wen Li, Jason Aaron Wong*

Development of the Nurses Environmental Awareness Tool (NEAT) (R)
Elizabeth Schenk, Cynthia Corbett*

Strategies for Conducting a Systematic Review: The Han Wayfinding Project (P)
Nai-Ching Chi, Basia Belza*

The MSU CAM Health Literacy Scale (R)
Jean Shreffler-Grant, Elizabeth Nichols*

The Use of Reflective Journaling As a Data Collection Method (P)
Kayla A. Harvey, Andrea Kovalesky
Thematic Illustrations of Health for the Oldest Old Living at Home (R)
Marleen J. Thornton, Jacqueline Jones*

Using Mixed Methods to Generate Data with Women Participating in US Microenterprise (R)
Rebekah J. Salt

Using Path Analysis to Test Mediation with Small Samples (R)
Janet Purath, Sterling McPherson

Identifying Debriefing Practices That Contribute to Student Learning (P)
Shelly J. Reed

Nursing Orientation: Blending Simulation Concepts and Skills Competency (P)
Leslie Hadley, Jeanne Rowell

Simulation in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Education (R)
Hyun Jung Kim, Karen G. Schepp
Simulation Stations: Do They Work? (P)
Kathleen L. Gilchrist, Denise Dawkins

Research and Information Exchange

Idaho State University School of Nursing – Pocatello, ID

What Are the Factors That Influence Nursing Student Transition to Professional Practice?
Tamara Rose

Loma Linda University School of Nursing – Loma Linda, CA

Attitudes and Knowledge Regarding Saudi Arabian Nursing School Accreditation
Amal Alaskar, Patricia Pothier

HIV Awareness and Prevention in Kumi – Ethiopia
Morry Anotta, Iris Mamier

Using Problem Based Learning to Improve Knowledge Translation in Practice
Raquel Branom, Shirley Bristol, Susan Stone

Early Fluid Resuscitation Effect on Mortality of Adults with Severe Sepsis
Viri Fuentes, Sean Gil, Janet Graham, Kari Firestone

Clarification of the Concepts of Social Empathy, Advocacy and Social Justice
Gudrun Klim, Patricia Jones

Faculty Involvement to Increase Retention in Non-Traditional Nursing Students
India Medley, Iris Mamier

Transition Power:  A Concept Exploration
Cherie Pefanco, Patricia Jones

Listening and Learning from Our Oldest-Old: A Continued Need
Julie Pusztai, Betty Winslow

Prostate Cancer Screening Educational Intervention with African American Men
Lynette Sandiford, Ellen D’Errico, Anita Adorador

Teamwork and Communication:  Promoting Patient Safety
Helen Staples-Evans, Deborah Bobst, Shirley Bristol

Salem Health – Salem, OR

Simple Measures: Non-Pharmacological Methods to Reduce ICU Associated Delirium
Marlaine Magee

The University of Arizona College of Nursing – Tucson, AZ

Best Practice Model to Support Nurses Experiencing Work Related Bereavement
Brittany Abeln, Audrey Russell-Kibble

Neuronal Injury in a Rat Model for Assessing CNS Effects from Chemotherapy
Sara Ameli, Carrie J. Merkle, Adam Ross, Ida (Ki) M. Moore

Acute Trauma Geriatric Frailty Scale and Use of Oxidation Reduction Scale
Pamela Bourg, Lisa Caputo, David Bar-Or

Transitional Care:  Frail Elderly, Facility Communication and Family Caregivers
Alycia Bristol, Lori Martin-Plank, Janice D. Crist

Conceptual Framework for Psych-Social-Spiritual Healing in Palliative Care
Heather Coats, Anne Rosenfeld

Nursing Presence with Technology: Systematic Review Using Machine Learning
Dennis R. Crain, Kimberly Shea

The Path to Autonomous Practice:  Identifying Legislative Barrier
Cameron G. Duncan, Kate G. Sheppard

Compatibility of Dialectical Behavior Therapy with Native American Culture
Kathy Kinsey, Pamela Reed, Marylyn McEwen

APRN’s Response to Victims of Intimate Partner Violence
Marla McCall, Jane M. Carrington

Pediatric Asthma Medication Non Adherence and Leventhal’s Common Sense Model
Jennifer Sonney

Acceptance of Mobile Teledermoscopy by Primary Care Nurse Practitioners
Delaney Stratton, Lois J. Loescher

University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Nursing – Las Vegas, NV

Use of Standardized Tests within Nursing Programs
Irene Coons

Retirement and the Registered Nurse: The SAVER Study
Shanna Keele

Nurse Managers’ Selection of Newly Licensed RNs: A Grounded Theory Approach
Susan C. Adamek, Advisor: Lori Candela

Assessing Exercise Behavior in African Americans in a Church-Based Setting
Robin M. White

Survival of the Fittest:  The Role of Linguistic Modification in Nursing Education
Brenda Strauch Morre

Focus on Workplace Bullying in Nursing
Sara Myers

Why Should I Go Back to School? How to Entice RN’s to Return for Their BSN
Delene Volkert

University of Northern Colorado School of Nursing – Greeley, CO

Faculty’s Perceived Caring of Administrators and Organizational Culture
Stephanie C. Butkus, Melissa Henry

Developing Clinical Practica for New Post-Baccalaureate Nursing Programs
Carol Roehrs, Kathleen Dunemn

University of San Diego Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science – San Diego, CA

HPV Knowledge and HPV Vaccine Uptake among 18-26 Year-Old U.S. Navy Personnel
Jennifer J. Buechel

Adolescent Female Athlete’s Skin Cancer Risk Perception and Sunscreen Use
Cheryl L. Butera

Team Training in Pediatric Life Support Program and Quality of Resuscitations
Mary J. Fagan

Gestational Weight Gain Patterns
Hope Farquarson

How Mexican Immigrants Make Decisions about Diabetes 2 Self-Management
Virginia Hart-Kepler

Veterans with PTSD and Sleep Disturbances: Responses to Auricular Acupuncture
Heather C. King

Patients with Advanced Lung Cancer: Quality of Life and Perception of Dyspnea
Barbara A. Roces

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Emphasis on Pneumococcal Vaccine Administration
Courtney Thompson, William Sandborn, Elisabeth Evans, Joseph Burkard

Moving to an Assisted Living Facility within a Planned Retirement Community
Judy Scott

Barriers to Receiving Acupuncture during Chemotherapy
Sherry Shoemaker

Initiating End of Life Conversations in Pediatrics: The Meaning of Words
Carmen Spalding

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms: Identification in Post-ICU Patients
Heather Warlan

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Nursing – San Antonio, TX

Predicting Daily Functioning among Hispanics in the United States
Priscilla Alfradique De Souza, Andrea E. Berndt

Predicting Analgesic Distribution in Elderly with Chronic Pain Diagnosis
Tatyana Aultman, Andrea E. Berndt

A Multinational Data Analysis of Health Determinants in Older Adults
Ayomide Okanlawon, Andrea E. Berndt

Analyzing the National Discharge Survey
Gabriela Zaragoza, Andrea E. Berndt

University of Wyoming, Fay W. School of Nursing – Laramie, WY

What Do At-Risk Individuals Know about Type 2 Diabetes?
Mariah Kepler, Brent Burton, Terra Harvey, Madison Struble, Jennifer Thomas
Friday, April 11, 8 am – 12 pm
Poster Session II

Clinical Nursing
A Safe Medication Management Program for Nurses in Post-Acute Care (P)
Anna J. Soliven

Best Practice: Implementation of a Positive Patient and Specimen Barcoding System (P)
Tiffania Szymanski, Mary Jo Clark*

Can Team Communication Check-Ins Predict Team Function and Improve Obstetrical Care? (R)
Jean T. Baumgardner, Susanna R. Cohen*

EBP Beliefs and Behaviors of Nurses Providing Cancer Pain Management (R)
Linda H. Eaton, Ardith Doorenbos

Estimating Quality in Rural and Urban Hospitals Using a Composite Indicator (R)
Diane K. Boyle, Byron J. Gajewski*

Evaluating Medication Administration When Integrating a Scanner and Academic EHR (P)
Lori Cook, Jennifer Sorensen*

Nurses’ Attitudes and Readiness for Research and Evidence Based-Practice (R)
Lorraine S. Evangelista, Ty Thomas

Impact of EBP Training Program at a Community Based Hospital (P)
Ty Thomas, Lorraine S. Evangelista
Injury Prevention and Retaining the Aging Nursing Workforce (P)
William Chou, Ebere Ume*

Leadership and Safety Climate: A Typology of Intervening Factors (R) 
Shelly A. Fischer

Meaningful Use Essentials: RN Benefit, Ease of Use, Acceptance, Satisfaction (R)
Deborah M. Judd, Kay M. Sackett
Health Literacy (HL) Knowledge and Experience of Hospital-Based Nurses (R)
Sheryl Nespor, Diane Drake*

Nurses’ Perceptions of Conflict As Constructive or Destructive (R)
Sunny Wonsun Kim, Julie McNulty
Reluctant Reliance: Nurse-Industry Interactions and the Purchasing Process (R) 
Quinn Grundy

Role of the Nurse Informaticist and Adoption of Evidence Based Practice (P)
Alan R. Vierling

Selection of the Best Vascular Access Device: An Intervention to Promote Nurse Advocacy (R)
Debra Kirkley, Marilyn Birchman*

Simulated Error Experiences: Improving Attention and Compliance (R)
Renae L. Dougal, Karen R. Breitkreuz*

Sleep, Fatigue, and Nursing Care Delivery: Acute-Care Traumatic Brain Injury Patients (P)
Ellita T. Williams, Hilaire Thompson
The Nursing Community Apgar Program (R)
Molly Prengaman, Ed Baker*

Using an Innovative “Safety Cross” Tool to Communicate Pressure Ulcer Risk (P)
Glenda B. Kelman, Mary Anne Jadlos

CPHC Screening Data: A Comparison of Urban and Rural Older Adults (R)
Judy H. Pedro, Ron Laran*

CPHC Screening Data: Uninsured and Insured Participants in Kern County (R)
Judy H. Pedro, Jocelyn Barahona*

Application of Relationship-Based, Body-Centered Methods to Transform Practice (P)
Patricia L. Nardone, Lissi Hansen*

Community Health Nurses As Ethnographers in Tamil Nadu, India (R)
Alexa R. Meins, Ardith Z. Doorenbos

Designing Home Visit Interventions Delivered by Promotoras for Obesity Prevention (R)
Elizabeth A. Reifsnider, Lucy Reyna*

Using Informatics to Capture Human Response: Home-Based Health Technologies (T)
Blaine Reeder, George Demiris

Symposium: CTSA’s in the West: Nursing Advancing Health

Development of Dashboard for Improving CTSI Performance (P)
Deborah Koniak-Griffin, Pamela Davidson
Generating Data to Enhance Community Sensitivity: Value of Community Incubator Grants (R)
Ellen Olshansky, Yuqing Guo*

A Theater Intervention to Promote Latino Parent-Adolescent Sexual Communication (R)
Joanne Noone, Tiffany L. Allen*

Perceptions of Anticoagulation Self-Care Using Health Technology in Hispanic Elders (R)
Jung-Ah Lee, Alpesh N. Amin*

Innovative Educational Strategies
Evaluation of Learning Essential Concepts Using a Roundtable in a Flipped Classroom (P)
Patricia Frohock Hanes
Increased Knowledge Acquisition Using Updated Technology in Flipping a Nursing Class (P)
Patricia Frohock Hanes

Dedicated Education Units: Partnership to Promote Excellence in Clinical Education (P)
Darcy Copeland, Judy Crewell*

Global Social Class Luncheon (P)
Janet A. Wray

Implementation and Evaluation of a Liberal Arts Assignment in a Clinical Setting (P)
Christina Pepin, Lorena Gurerro

Curricular Innovation to Integrate the Concepts of Evidence-Based Practice (P)
Karen LeDuc

Innovative Education in Palliative and End-of-Life Care for Baccalaureate Students (P)
Cheryl Lacasse, Douglas Cunningham
Nursing Students as Change Agents (R)
Carolyn T. Martin

Sexuality Education in the Baccalaureate Nursing Curriculum (R)
Vicki A. Aaberg

Symposium: Interprofessional Education; Programs That Really Work!
Interprofessional from the Start: A Digital New Student Orientation Program (P)
Barbara Richardson

SBAR Interprofessional Assignment: Clear, Concise and Concrete (P)
Susan Elaine Fleming

Interprofessional Collaborative Practice: Home Visiting Teams (P)
Sue Perkins

Interprofessional Collaborative Practice: Healthcare in Peru (P)
Debra Brinker, Susan McFadden*

Pediatric Health
Assessing Children’s Physical Activity Levels at School Using Direct Observation (R)
Ipuna Estavillo Black

Challenges to Breastfeeding Infants with PKU (R)
Sandra A. Banta-Wright, Sheila M. Kodadek*

Best Practice for Managing Inotropic Infusions (P)
Kate M. Bullock, Jennifer Peterson

Best Practice for Surgical Pediatric Patients with Mitochondrial Disease (P)
Brenda A. Senger

Effect of Infant Massage on Maternal Bonding in Newborns with Congenital Heart Disease (R)
Jennifer K. Peterson, Jill Berg

Effects of Vibration Therapy in Pediatric Immunizations (R)
Arika L. Benjamin, Thomas Hendrix*

Evaluation of a Pediatric Clinic’s Use of a Developmental Screening Tool (P)
Rhys A. Parker, Billy McCarty*

Implementing the Classroom Portion of 5-2-1-0 Program (R)
Rana Najjar, Angie Docherty*

Multi-Faceted Approach to Increase Type 2 Diabetes Screening in Children (P)
Grace Bacani, Shelley Hawkins*

Parents’ and Clinical Staff’s Perceptions of Fever in an Urgent Care Setting (P)
Madeline R. Barbera

Living on the Edge of Asthma: Exploration of Families’ Experiences (R)
Michele R. Shaw, Gail O’Neal

Promoting Breast Milk Nutrition in Infants with Cleft Lip and/or Palate (P)
Nicole Diane L. Burca, Connie S. Miller
Raising Youth with Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease: Parent Experiences (R)
Kerri Erickson, Barbara Mandleco*

Religiosity and Sibling Relationships in Parents Raising a Child with Diabetes (R)
Caitlin Herrmann Peterson, Barbara Mandleco*

Searching the Signal for Premature Infant Sleep Cycles (R)
Lauren Thorngate, Shuyuann Wang Foreman
Swear to Care: Saying No! to Child Abuse (P)
Angelia Clark Trujillo, Ralph Pasana*

The ACA, the US Child Health System, and Nursing: A Policy Analysis (P)
Eileen Fry-Bowers

Use of Weighted Blanket on Infants Experiencing Drug Withdrawal Symptoms (R)
Shuyuann Wang Foreman, Lauren Thorngate*

WECAN Program to Change Health Behaviors in Families with Overweight and Obese Children (P)
Kristin C. Agtarap

Symposium: Promoting Competencies of Advanced Practice Nurses in Caring for Older Adults

Overview: Promoting Competencies of Advanced Practice Nurses in Caring for Older Adults
Basia Belza
Hot Topics Forum: Building Community and Student Interest in Gerontology (P)
Musetta C. Fu, Basia Belza*

Engaging A/GNP Students in Learning Gerontology Using an Unfolding Case (P)
Phyllis Christianson, Basia Belza*

Electronic Learning Resources to Support Adult/Gerontology Advanced Practice Nursing (P)
Hilaire Thompson, Phyllis Christianson*

Research and Information Exchange

Arizona State University College of Nursing and Health Innovation – Phoenix, AZ

Assessment of Dietary Intake and Food Preparation Among Toddlers
Mihyun Jeong

Yoga to Optimize Health and Wellness in Older Adults
Jennifer Barrows

Parental Role Modeling of Physical Activity
Amy Hutchens

Wellness Motivation Intervention for Physical Activity Maintenance in Older Adults
Tanie Sherman

Tailored Web-Based Diabetes Self-Management Education Using the Principles of Motivational Interviewing for Adolescents with Poorly Controlled Type 1 Diabetes
Linda Paul

The Effects of Maternal Mood Disorder on Caregiving an Autistic Child
Kristen Decker

Loneliness and the Older Adult
Rachel Hungerford

Azusa Pacific University School of Nursing – Azusa, CA

(9 titles to come)

Children’s Hospital Colorado – Aurora, CO

Best Evidence to Best Practice: Feeding Guidelines for Hospitalized Infants
Sharon Sables-Baus, Cheryl Moody, Kathleen Martinez

Nurses as Second Victims: The Impact of Medication Error Experiences
Kristin Belderson

New Mexico State University School of Nursing – Las Cruces, NM

Sense of Belongingness in New Graduate Nurses
Sandra Welling

Oregon Health & Science University School of Nursing – Portland, OR

Shared Medical Appointments: The Future of Primary Care
Jackie F. Webb, Kim D. Jones

Evaluating a Diabetic Registry to Develop a Practice Improvement Plan
Lisa Riesterer, Gary Laustsen

Using the STOP-Bang Questionnaire to Screen for OSA in Commercial Drivers
Brian Kittelson, Gary Laustsen

Stress and Stress Relieving Activities in Anesthesia Providers and Trainees
Kaori Donohue, Scott D. Mist, Mary Karlet, Kim D. Jones

Intimate Partner Violence Screening in Primary Care
Laurel Hallock Koppelman

University of New Mexico Hospitals – Albuquerque, NM

The Effect of Heart Failure Self-Care on Patient Outcomes
Kathy-Lopez-Bushnell, Kristen Tarantino, Bart Cox

Tackling Childhood Obesity: The Live Fit Family Challenge
Terri Gibson, Patricia McCarty, Jennie McCary

YEP:  Youth Empowerment Project
Nicole Morris, Kathy Lopez-Bushnell

Sternal Precautions in the Pediatric Post-Operative Cardiac Patient with Midline Sternal Incision
William Babb

Nurse Residency Program:  Evidence Based Practice
Mary Blessing, Nicole Weimer, Donna Winn

Correlation of Perceived Noise Levels and Measured Noise Level in the NICU
Ashley Burson, Cassie Brieno

Bedside Handoff for Postpartum Patients
Rachel Theobold-Madrid, Risha Mondragon

Improving the Transition to Home from 5-South Neuroscience
Deborah Minke, Adelia Perea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Rates in Patients with Ambulatory Surgery and Other Procedures
Connie Hardy Tabet

Rapid Sequence Intubation and Code Situations
Jessamy Koury, Samantha Curtis

Mobility Protocol
Deborah Minke, Heidi Gober

Will Calls from RNs Increase Patient Adherence to Clinic Appointments?
Tanya Gybarney

Western Washington University – Bellingham, WA

Reducing Rates of Surgical Site Infection (SSI), Post-Cesarean
Carrie Deutsch, Y. Dave Klawer

Fall Prevention: Best Practices for the Geriatric Hospitalized Population
Michelle Nelson, Inna Gamdysey

Evidence-Based Fall Prevention Interventions in Hospital Settings
Abby Aubert, Nicole Lembrick

Residency Programs: Safe Care from Safe Nurses
Kelley Gregory, Denise Sone

Are New Graduate Nurse Residency Programs Cost Effective for Hospitals?
Elizebeth McClellan, Heather Prieto

Using Evidence-Based Practice to Reduce Incidence of C-Diff in Acute Care
Alison Norton, Robin Larsen

Patient Care Kits: Increasing Patient Satisfaction and Quietness of Stay
Melissa Haun, Anne Macklow

Using EBP to Prevent Heel Ulcers in the Hospitalized Elderly Patient
Carla Norris, Rebecca VanGlubt

Barriers to Implementing Quietness of Stay Protocols in Hospitals
Amanda Fisher, Zac Doobovsky

Reducing CAUTI by Avoiding Urinary Catheter Placement
Elizabeth Mattison, Jessica Beck

Decreasing CAUTI with Early Removal of Urinary Catheters
Stephanie Chou, David Flarry

Do Geriatric Nutrition Interventions Increase Pressure Ulcer Healing Rates?
Jason Welch, Carrie Holtrop
Friday, April 11, 1 – 5 pm
Poster Session III

Advancing Nursing Education in the West
Aligning Student and Institutional Learning Outcomes? There’s an App for That! (P)
Nancy Haugen, Margaret Early
Impact of Course Scheduling on Nursing Faculty Reported Job Satisfaction (R)
Nancy Haugen, Dawn Pope*

Academia and Service Partnership to Ignite the Flames of Research for Bedside Nurses (P)
Ruth Mulnard, Charlene Miranda-Wood*

An Undergraduate Honors Track: Why Do Students Apply? (R)
Angie Docherty, Doria Thiele*

Crafting a Relevant Continuing Education Needs Assessment Tool for Lebanese Nurses (P)
Nuhad Y. Dumit

Creating Online Modules to Bridge the Gap for Clinical Faculty Development (P)
Barbara Braband, Carol Craig*

Development of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Graduate Nursing Students (R)
Lois C. Howland, Susan Instone*

Emotional Intelligence and Student Nurse Leadership (P)
Heather M. Szeles

Evaluating the OCNE Shared Competency for Core Values among Seven Colleges of Nursing (R)
Catherine Salveson

Finding Safety and Authenticity: Becoming a Transformative Nurse Educator (R)
Dawn Doutrich, Lida Dekker*

Addressing Health Inequities in a Neighborhood Nursing Practicum (P)
Lynn Van Hofwegen, Claire Valderama Wallace

IPE Perinatal Menalth Health Practice and Education (P)
Yoriko Kozuki, Patty Betrus*

Leadership Philosophy and Perspectives of the Baccalaureate in Community College (R)
Samantha A. Girard

Navigate Scenario: Learnscapes for Research Pilot Study with Jones & Bartlett Learning (R)
Karen Leduc

Nursing Students’ Attitudes toward Clinical Placement in Rural Hospitals (R)
Lori D. Hendrickx, Heidi Mennenga*

Online Collaborative Learning in a RN to BSN Clinical Course (R)
Henny Breen
Our Shared Vision for Change: Discovering What Is Possible As a Community of Inquiry (P)
Sarah Ann Wallace, Renee Menkens*

Partnerships with Community Foundations: Funding Specialty Courses (P)
Maureen O'Malley, Sharyl E. Toscano
Sustaining Nursing Scholarship with a Nursing Research Fellowship Program (P)
Kathleen Adlard, Eileen Fry-Bowers
The Effectiveness of an Educational Intervention for NCLEX Remediation (R)
Carrie W. Miller, Benjamin Miller*

Chronic Illness: Adolescence

A Tailored HPV Educational Intervention to Increase HPV Vaccine Uptake (P)
Tonimae Maesa Bancod, Debra Ilchak

Characterizing Quality Healthcare Services for Young Sexual Minority Women (R)
Michael J. Johnson, Lynne S. Nemeth
Development of the Adolescent Digital Perception of Self Questionnaire (ADPOSQ) (R)
Annmarie, A. Lyles

Engaging Rural Youth as Advocates for “Healthy Snacking Zones”: First Year Results (R)
Nancy E. Findholt, Betty T. Izumi*

Health-Risk Behaviors among Alternative High School Students Who Play Sports (R)
Karen E. Johnson, Marla E. Eisenberg*

Millennials, Malignancy and the Changing Timetable of Adulthood: Nursing Implications (P)
Eden Brauer

More Than a Cap: Adolescent Perceptions of the Image of Nursing (R)
Marla Marek, Kristi Bahr*

The Intersection of Disability and Substance Abuse in Adolescents (R)
Linda L. Eddy, Sterling McPherson*

Transition Concerns of Young Adults with Cystic Fibrosis and Their Families (R)
Marie Lobo, Ashley Nordell*

Using “Teach-Back” to Improve Knowledge of Healthcare Navigation Among HIV+ Adolescents (P)
Andrew James White, Lois Howland*

Weight-Based Stigma and Binge-Eating Disorder in Low-Income Adolescents (R)
Rana Najjar

Yoga on Academic, Adjustment Behavior and Self Esteem among Adolescents (R)
Anita David, Ardith Z. Doorenbos

End of Life

A Modified Model of Palliative Care for Patients with COPD (T)
Zijing Chen

Barriers and Facilitators to End-of-Life Communication in End-Stage Liver Disease (R)
Paula Cox-North, Ardith Doorenbos

Communication at End of Life: Perceptions of Experienced Pediatric Oncology Nurses (R)
Kathleen Montgomery

Interpersonal Violence

Perceptions and Practices of Alaskan Health Care Providers Regarding Interpersonal Violence (R)
Angelia Clark Trujillo, Maureen O’Malley*

Web-Based Surveys Post-Sexual Assault: Operationalization and Lessons Learned (P)
Jessica E. Draughon

Nurse Practitioner: Practice and Education

A Pilot Self-Assessment Survey to Assess Nurse Practitioner Competencies (R)
Doquyen L. Huynh, Benjamin J. Miller
Development of a Family Nurse Practitioner Post-Graduate Residency (P)
Doquyen L. Huynh

Characteristics of Complex and Non-Complex Patients in Primary Care (R)
Jill Mount, Jay Teachman*

Congruency of Nurse Practitioner Preceptor and Faculty Clinical Evaluations (R)
Janet Dubois, Ted Rigney

An Innovative Strategy for an Interprofessional Primary Care Curriculum (P)
Donna Velasquez, Gerri Lamb*

Digital Storytelling in Nurse Practitioner Education: New Pathways of Learning (R)
Melody Rasmor

Panel Management for DNP Students: Providing Quality Data-Driven Longitudinal Care (P)
Anne P. Poppe, Catherine P. Kaminetzky*

APNS and the Population Health in Frontier Communities (R)
Lynn M. Jakobs, Jeri Bigbee
Provider Use of Oregon’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (P)
Katherine Claire Hammond, Kristi Vaughn
Survey of Primary Care Providers on Perceived Benefits and Barriers to Paintracker (P)
Melissa M. Schorn, Ardith Doorenbos

Teaching Shared Decision Making in Interprofessional Primary Care Education (R)
Linda C. Pyke

Symposium: Pack Your Bags: Shared Insights of a Global Health Program

Overview: Pack Your Bags: Shared Insights of a Global Health Program
Debra Edmunds, Sheri Palmer*

Selection and Sustainability of a Global Health Program Site (P)
Cheryl Corbett

Collaboration in a Global Health Program (P)
Debra Edmunds

On the Ground with Global Health Courses: Logistical Wisdom (P)
Debra K. Wing, Leslie Miles
Assessment: An Integral Piece of a Global Health Course (P)
Sheri P. Palmer

Symposium: Providing an Evidence Base to Undergraduate Clinical Education

Overview: Providing an Evidence Base to Undergraduate Clinical Education
Joanne Noone

Faculty and Undergraduate Student Interactions in the Clinical Setting (R)
Anjanette Raber

Role Modeling for Clinical Judgment Development: Lessons Learned (R)
Kathie Lasater, Elizabeth A. Johnson*

Pressure Ulcer Prevention: Nursing Students’ Experiences and Attitudes (R)
Layla J. Garrigues, Juliana C. Cartwright
Implementation of Concept-Based Learning in the Clinical Environment (R)
Ann Nielsen

Impact of Simulation on Nursing Students Attitudes towards Schizophrenia (R)
Glenise Mckenzie, Stephanie Sideras*

Symposium: Symptoms, Symptom Clusters and Symptom Management: Conceptual Frameworks

Overview: Symptoms, Symptom Clusters and Symptom Management: Heuristics
Nancy Fugate Woods

Symptom Clusters: An iPad Application to Study Midlife Women’s Heuristics (R)
Rita Ismail, Lauri Linder*

Symptom Cluster: Acceptability and Usability of the C-SCAT with Midlife Women (R)
Rita Ismail, Lauri Linder*

Comparing Adolescents/Young Adults and Midlife Women Using C-SCAT for Data Collection (R)
Lauri Linder, Catherine Fiona MacPherson*

Traditional East Asian Medicine Approaches to Identifying Symptom Clusters (T)
Lisa Jean Taylor-Swanson, Nancy Fugate Woods
Stress in Midlife: Foundations for Studying Symptoms (T)
Annette Joan Thomas, Nancy Fugate Woods

A Conceptual Framework for Resilience Capacity in Children of Alcoholics (T)
Sihyun Park, Karen Schepp
A Critical Analysis of Social Justice in Nursing Discourse (R)
Kristin G. Cloyes

Buddha, Nightingale, and Globalization: Perceptions of Nurse-Patient Therapeutic Relationship in Sri-Lanka (R)
Sunny Wijesinghe, Judy A. Liesveld
Critique of Prominent Burnout Theories to Guide Nursing Research and Intervention (T)
Rachael E. S. Kay Eccles, Catherine Vincent
Development of a Conceptual Framework for Women’s Experience of Chronic Pelvic Pain (T)
Yaelim Lee, Eun-Ok Im
Does the Affordable Care Act Threaten American Liberties? (T)
Jenny F. Palisoc, Joachim G. Voss

Rethinking Failure to Rescue and Normal Birth: A Concept Analysis (T)
Marie Hastings-Tolsma, Anna G. W. Nolte
Situated Cognition in Undergraduate Nursing Education (T)
Janet M. Banks

Situated in the Context of Nursing Practice: A Concept Analysis (T)
Laura Mood

Using Theory to Drive Influenza Related Text Messaging Interventions (R)
Patricia A. Wiseman, Kathie Records
Why Isn’t Every Nurse an Expert? Exploration of Knowledge Development (R)
Deeann Eileen Mulcahy
Research and Information Exchange

Banner Health – Phoenix, AZ

Needs of Older Adults with ADRD in a Rehabilitation Setting
Angela Marie Allen, David Coon, Marianne McCarthy, Johanna Uriri-Glover

Comparison of Pain Response to Venepuncture vs. Heel Lance in Term Newborns
Brooke Swails, Sherry Stotts, Karen Johnson

Validation of a Dysphagia Screening Tool after Prolonged Intubation
Robechard Halaghay, Lauri Speirs, Karen Johnson, Brenda Manos, Heather Przybyl, Erica Grant

Nurse and Unit Predictors of Compassion Fatigue
Lesly Kelly, Jody Runge, Christina Fosnot, Adriana Cavina

“Code Compassion”: Reducing Compassion Fatigue in Acute Care Nurses
Christina Fosnot, Lesly Kelly, Jody Runge, Adriana Cavina

Boise State University School of Nursing

Concurrence of Anxiety and Nausea in Cancer Patients Undergoing Port Access
Alia Crandall, Margaret Downey

Finnegan’s Scoring Tool Effectively Helps Care for Challenging NICU Infants
Amanda Erickson, Pam Strohfus

Post Cardiac Rehab: Reviewing Facilitators of Sustained Health Behaviors
Andrea Lambe, Jane Grassley

Is Current Online Breastfeeding Information Adolescent Friendly?
Jarrod Crump, Jane Grassley

St. Luke’s Medical Center and Boise State University Patient Shadowing Project
Jessica Kelle-Bickford, Hillary Hoppe, Cathy Deckys

Constructing a Global Citizenship Evaluation Tool
Taylor Jones, Karen Breitkreuz

Neonatal Outcomes of Vaginal and Planned Cesarean Birth: Evidence Review
Megan Hull, Katie Kruschek, Christina Marie, Cara Gallegos

Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital – Stanford, CA

Decrease Adverse Events with Evidence-Based Nasal Gastric Tube Insertion
Maggie Church

Working toward Decreased Readmissions in the Pediatric GI Population
Holly Bernal

Montana State University College of Nursing – Bozeman, MT

Illness Beliefs of Individuals with Heart Failure in Montana and Wyoming
Jan Ostermiller, Dale Mayer

Rural Clinic Client’s Perceptions of Digital Signage in the Waiting Room
Terrena Blackman, Shannon Parsons, Laura Larsson

Exploring Barriers to Post-Partum Anemia Treatment in Rural WIC Clients
Stephanie Johnson, Laura Larsson

New Mexico State University School of Nursing – Las Cruces, NM

Volunteer Health Care Providers Recommendations and Practices
Vicki Denson

Seattle Pacific University – Seattle, WA

Nursing Student Advocacy Project: Improving College Campus Accessibility
Victoria Bartoldus, Charisse De Vries, Eleanor Jones, Emily Jones, Kara Martin, Katie Reifert, Carol McFarland

Fostering Character Development in Undergraduate Nursing Students
Carol McFarland, Bomin Shim, Lorie Wild

Intergenerational Interaction to Enhance Aging Wellbeing and Student Learning
Carol Redfield, Addison Lin, Megan Busek, Valorie Orton

University of Colorado – Denver

Theory Synthesis to Guide Retention in HIV Care Research
Lucy Graham

Real and Perceived Barriers to Healthcare of Runaway and Homeless Youth in CO
Lenka Hellerova, Jesse Francomano, Scott Harpin

A Health IT Tool to Assess Perception of Preschooler Weight
Kristine Gauthier, Marilyn Krajicek, Bonnie Gance-Cleveland

Extrapolating Healthcare Work Environment Research to Primary Care with SROM
Pauline Wang-Romjue

Evaluation of the Construct Self-Management in a Home Health Care Population
Angela Arnold Richard

Exploring the Factor Structure of American Indian Cultural Concepts
Michelle Kahn-John

Impact of Physical and Emotional Fatigue on Birth Outcomes of Nurse-Midwives
E. Brie Thumm

University of New Mexico College of Nursing – Albuquerque, NM

Exploring Nurse-Family Social Exchanges in Nursing Homes Utilizing GT
Lourdes Ticas, Cindy Mendelson

Children Transitioning from Hospital to Foster Home: Foster Parent Stories
Max Veltman, Marie Lobo

Native American Nurse Leaders: Sovereign Paths to Health
Michelle Kellywood, Dorinda L. Welle

Expected Body Temperature in Healthy Adults Revisited
Rebecca Mayo, Leah Albers

University of Utah College of Nursing College of Nursing – Salt Lake City, UT

Analysis of the Registered Nurse’s Experience of Returning to School
Mandy Snyder, Susan Gallagher, Sara Hawkins, Julie Snowball, Kristin, Cloyes, Lauren Clark

Searching Consumer Perspective on the Meaning of Personal Health Records
Nancy Thum-Thomas

Healthcare Costs and Service Use Patterns of Healthy U.S. Older Population
Natalie Jackson

Incorporating BRAC1 and BRCA2 Testing into Clinical Practice
Debra Ledingham

Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) Risk Related to Targeted Oxygen Saturation Range
Kathryn Friddle, Patricia Murphy, Gary Donaldson, Robert Ward

Continuing PD and/or Active Nursing Practice for Idaho RN License Renewal
Jason Williams

VA San Diego Healthcare System – San Diego, CA

Stop the Bleed:  Nursing Education Anticoagulation Tool
Jill Bormann, Kelly Bardwil, Erica Dimacali, James Gideon, Prisma Parra-Lozano, Lorraine Rodriguez, Emily Weist

Saturday, April 12, 8 am – 12 pm
Poster Session IV

Symposium: Advancing Pressure Ulcer Science: Risk Reduction and Assessment

Overview: Advancing Pressure Ulcer Science: Risk Reduction and Assessment
Joanne D. Whitney

Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment in the ICU: Moving the Science Forward (R)
Jenny Grace Alderden
Preventing Occipital Pressure Ulcers in High Risk Patients-Operating Room Initiative (P)
Deena Guren

Preventing Occipital Pressure Ulcers in High Risk Patients-Intensive Care Unit (P)
Lindsay Boyd, Nicole Johnson

Are We Misclassifying Unstageable Pressure Ulcers? (R)
Sunniva Zaratkiewicz

Care Coordination
Patient Experiences of Care Coordination for High Cost Chronic Conditions (R)
Sarina Fazio

Heart Failure Patients’ Rehospitalization Intervention Discharged to SNFS (R)
Sheryl Nespor, Cheryl Westlake

Caregiving across the Lifespan

Caregiver Stress: A Concept Analysis (T)
Sarah Llanque, Lynette M. Savage*

Confidence and Awareness of Personal Health in Caregivers of Special Needs Children (R)
Carla Hagen, Melissa N. Larue
Developing the Caregiver Burden Index for Parents of Children with Allergies (R)
Pei-Ching Liu, Bih-Shya Gau

The Positive Aspects of Caregiving among Taiwanese Caregivers (R)
Chiung-Mei Liu

Chronic Illness
Antibiotic Prescribing Strategies for Acute Respiratory Tract Infections in Adults (P)
Kionglee Jung, Donna Velasquez
Asthma Management: Increasing Adherence to the EPR-3 Guidelines (P)
David A. Loran, Shelley Y. Hawkins*

Clinical Outcome of Triple Therapy in Cirrhotic and Non-Cirrhotic Hepatitis C Patients (R)
Jungeun Lee, Paula Cox*
Does Uncertainty Affect Coping and Hope in Patients with Chronic Leukemia or Lymphoma? (R)
Robin A. Covey

Access for High Risk Rural Heart Failure Patients (P)
Deidre N. Goldberg

Acute Coronary Syndrome Symptoms: Don’t Be Mislead (R)
Anthony McGuire, Lynn V. Doering*

Exploring Personal Growth in Individuals Living with Heart Failure (R)
Kristen J. Overbaugh

Family and Friends Involvement in Self-Care for African Americans with Type 2 Diabetes (P)
Judy McKelvy, Arleen Brown

Exercise Adherence in Patients with an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (R)
Matilda N. Luttrell, Cynthia M. Dougherty*

Home Telemonitoring Self-Care Education for Older Adult Heart Failure Patients (R)
Shelley Hawkins, Tanna Thomason*

Improving Asthma Knowledge Using the Physician Asthma Care Education (PACE) Program (P)
Morgan H. Wolf, Shelley Hawkins*

Life Satisfaction and Glycemic Control among Latinas with Type 2 Diabetes (R)
Sandra Benavides Vaello, Tamara Odom-Maryon

Metabolic Syndrome: Implementing Waist Circumference and Screening in Primary Care (P)
Robert J. Kimberling, Joseph F. Burkard*

MI AIms: Motivational Interviewing and Appreciative Inquiry Motivating Success (P)
Sarah Ann Wallace, Kathlynn Northrup-Snyder*

The Power of the Liver Transplant Waiting List (R)
Lissi Hansen, Yi Yan*
Who Are the Rule Outs? Patients Who Do Not Have Acute Coronary Syndrome in Emergency Dept (R)
Anne G. Rosenfeld, Bruce Cooper*

Assessing Mexican American Caregiver Acculturation and Its Relationship with Burden (R)
Janice D. Crist

Associations between Acculturation and Health (P)
Barbara A. Snyder, Colleen Keller*

Cancer Self-Management for Patients with Limited-English-Proficiency (R)
Fang-Yu Chou

Coping and Quality of Life of Mexican American Breast Cancer Survivors (R)
Mary Lopez

Critical Race Theory, Cultural Safety and Cultural Competence Enhancing Education (P)
Lida J. Dekker

Cultural Accuracy: Translating Mexican American Women’s AMI Experiences (R)
John Bowles

Diabetes Interventions in Older Hispanics (P)
Cecille Marie Basilio, Ebere Ume*

Findings from Culturally Congruent Home Visits of Senior Refugees (R)
Rebekkah L. Hulen, Kelly Fanning Pesnell*

Health Risk Assessment among Five Asian American Subgroups in California (R)
Mo-Kyung Sin

Healthy Weight Behavior Maintenance in Hispanic Women (R)
Daisy S. Garcia

Regular Preventive Health Care Practices among Korean American Women (R)
Young-Shin Lee

Role of Self-Efficacy As Predictor of Self-Rated Health in Native American Elders (R)
Bette Ide, Barbara K. Dahlen

International Health
Blood Pressure Knowledge: Older Slavic Immigrant Women with Hypertension (R)
Catherine Van Son, Holly Heaton*

Depressive Symptoms in Immigrants: Hispanic and Asian Women in the US (R)
Yaelim Lee, Sun Ju Chang*

Distress Levels in Newly Diagnosed Ethnically Diverse Breast Cancer Patients in Hawaii (R)
Kameron Noyama, Francisco Conde

Experience of Vietnamese Immigrant Women in Taiwan Who Do Not Regularly Undergo Pap Test (R)
Hsiu Hung Wang, Fang-Hsin Lee*

Midlife Female Urinary Incontinence and the Intimate Dyad (R)
Lori S. Saiki

Tailored Intervention to Increase Mammography Screening among Korean American Women (P)
Youngwook Kim

Mental Health
Health Challenge Program for Individuals with Severe Mental Illness (P)
Heeyoung Lee, Erin Neuman-Boone*

Older Adults’ Perceptions of Usability and Acceptability of Remote Monitoring Systems (R)
Lorraine S. Evangelista, Marjan Motie*

Pain Management Education for Prelicensure Health Professional Students (P)
Robin Meize-Grochowski, Jeanne F. Boyle*

Patient Provider Communication and African Americans: A Synthesis of the Literature (P)
J. Thomas

Suicide Prevention in Native Americans: Training for Providers and Nurses (P)
Molly McDonnell, B. Alexandra Lambrou*

Pain Management
A Proposed Framework for Understanding Tai Chi: A Systems Biology Approach (T)
Maxine Maxwell Hicks

A Review on the Use of CAM Modalities for the Treatment of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain (P)
Brianna J. Wilson, Ardith Z. Doorenbos*

Creating a Community of Practice for Pain Management (R)
Alexa R. Meins, Ardith Z. Doorenbos
Effect of Counseling and Yoga on Stress and Coping among Infertile Women (R)
Neelakshi Ganapathi, Ardith Z. Doorenbos
Effects of Aromatherapy on Anxiety and Nausea in Cancer Patients Undergoing Port Access (R)
Margaret Downey, Heather Roberts*

Evaluation of Nursing Documentation of Evidence-Based Cancer Pain Management (R)
Wenjia Song, Linda Eaton*
Family Perceptions of Palliative Care in Diverse Populations (R)
Jane M. Georges, Kathleen Stacy*

Using Cognitive Behavioral Pain Management Strategies in AI/AN Populations (R)
Emily A. Haozous, Ardith Z. Doorenbos*

Perinatal and Women’s Health Issues

Childbirth: A Comparison of Nurse-Midwifery and Physician Care in Washington State (R)
Molly Altman, Sean Murphy*

Depression and Vitamin D in the Perinatal Period (R)
Amy R. Morton Lamb, Calvin Hobel*
Effects of Gender Discrimination on the Health of Women in Rural India (P)
Cheryl Corbett

Gestational Diabetes: Effect of Life Style Modification (P)
Priscilla Ngozi Amalu, Ha Son Nguyen*

Identifying African American Women at High Psychosocial Risk for Poor Birth Outcomes (P)
Jann Murray-Garcia, Alondra Thompson*

Listening to Others about Birthing via the Internet: A 21st Century Phenomenon (R)
Susan E. Fleming, Roxanne K. Vandermause*

Measuring Nurse Attitudes about Childbirth (R)
Martha Shaw Levine, Nancy Lowe

Policy Strategies to Improve Maternal Health Outcomes in Developing Countries (R)
Mabel C. Ezeonwu

Prenatal Care Curriculum for Women with Substance Abuse (P)
Laura M. Anderson

Reducing Primary Cesarean Deliveries Due to Failed Elective Inductions (P)
Nan Ybarra, Nicole Hall*

Symposium: The NEXus Journey: What’s Next?

Overview: The Nexus Journey: What’s Next?
Janice S. Hayes

The Journey: Moving outside the West (P)
Michele Clark

The Road from Affiliate to Collaborative Member (P)
Roxanne Vandermause

The NEXus Journey: Picking up a Partnership (P)
J. Kathy Magilvy

The Destination: Sustainability, Collaboration, and the Opportunity to Dream (P)
Gail Houck

Research and Information Exchange

Oregon Health & Science University Healthcare – Portland, OR

Improved Glycemic Control Using a Computerized Protocol
Sara Hohn, Lillian Morehart

Evolution of a Pediatric Rapid Response Program: Beyond Reactivity
Pam Brown, Patricia Shoun

Pacific Lutheran University School of Nursing – Tacoma, WA

End of Care Life in ICU
Jessica Pottle

ED Nursing Care for Patients with Suicidal Ideation
Karen Korvell, Shanti Herzog

The Critical Care Nurse’s Role in Preventing Post-Intensive Care Syndrome
Alisha McKnight

Emergency Care for the Individual with Schizophrenia
Rose Mellgren

Lowering Anxiety in Surgical Patients Using Non-Pharmacological Methods
Annika Gustafson

Nursing Management of Hospitalized Teens with Sickle Cell Disease
Lisa Ludeman

Nursing Considerations for Family Presence during CPR
Reese Smiley, Shawna Timmons

Preventing and Managing Fires in the Operating Room
Shannon Lynn

Nursing Care for the Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Alexis Russell

A Person-Centered Care Objective Measure  (PCOM): Expert Review Results
Kathleen Moisio

Physical Activity and Adolescents with Cerebral Palsy
Jeannine Roth

Providence Health Services

TeamSTEPPS Champions of Change:  An Epic Journey
Davina Craig

Enhancing Team Communication in the Perioperative Setting
Jo Quetsch

Delirium: Trial of Staged Protocol Implementation
Sandra Powrie, Marlo Andreoli

Comparing Fall Rates and Prevention Strategies across 19 Hospitals
Erin Ward-Barney, Leah Snyder

Bar Code Medication Administration and “Workarounds”
Katie Rogotzke

Implementing and Sustaining an Interprofessional Simulation Program
Heidi Traxler, Melissa Punnoose

Preventing Sacral Pressure Ulcers in the ICU
Kathy Cadden

Sunny Days Ahead:  Improving Code Blue Outcomes through Simulation-Enhanced Learning
Zoe Anastas

Implementing a Skin Care Protocol on a High Risk Patient Population
Heidi Traxler, Melissa Punnoose

Community Involvement: Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center Partnership
Katherine Daily, James Novotny, Helene Anderson

Pre Op Preparation of Surgical Patients
Constance Smith, Cheryl Gettelfinger, Paula Minnaert, Shelley Tinner, Karen DeRego, Carla Iverson

A Hospital’s Rapid Response Approach to Management of Difficult Patient Behavior
Miriam Schneider, Mary Waldo

University of Portland School of Nursing – Portland, OR

Directed Content Analysis to Improve Communication with Families of Patients in the ICU
Halina Zawadzki Barber

Nursing Students’ Intercultural Competence Development during International Education
Joane T. Moceri, Barb Braband, Kaye Wilson-Anderson

University of Washington School of Nursing – Seattle, WA

Sleep Disturbances, Fatigue, and Disease Activity in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
Weichao Yuwen, Sarah Ringold, Joachim Voss, Dirk Foell, Faekah Gohar, Teresa M. Ward

Audio-Visual Stimulation for Insomnia in People with Chronic Pain
Hsin-Yi (Jean) Tang, Michael Perlis, Jun James Mao, Barbara J. Riegel

Maternal HIV Services in Western Kenya: Mapping and Identifying Service Gaps 
Pamela K Kohler, Lisa Mills, John Kinuthia, John Okanda, Brenda Zierler, Kayla Laserson, Frank Odhiambo, George Olilo, Joachim Voss, Grace John-Stewart

Long Term Care Facilities: A Survey of Student Nurse Orientation
Janet S. Pohl, Carol Leppa, Suzanne Sikma, Barbara Cochrane

Parental Distress and Relationship Strain after Preterm Birth
Jessica Hamke, Venitia Bresc

Adolescent Sleep Effect on Body Composition, Activity Level and Nutrition
Adrianna Bernal, Elizabeth Rodgers, Lauren Welty

The Use of Public Health Data to Improve Policy and Practice
Allison Harmon, Evygeniya Dokukina, Steven Reusser
Thermoregulation of the Pre-Term Infant
Kristina Madden, Kyla Potter

Examining Older Adults’ Perceptions of Fall Devices: A Secondary Analysis
Christina Comia, Phuong Nguyen, Shomir Chaudhuri

Integrating Global Health Skills and Competencies into Nursing Education
Maureen Oscadal, Kendra Clawson
Estrogen DNA Adduct for Cancer Prevention and Treatment
Jennifer Chen, Tin Li, Sara Martin

Medication Use among Somali Elders: Testing Research Questions
Halima Hassan, Monica Jarrett, Hilaire Thompson



(P) = Project Paper

(R) = Research Paper

(T) = Theory Paper

(M) = Mixed

* Up to two authors per paper are listed in the conference program. All authors are listed in the conference proceedings.